Pain really bad this week

After last week’s treatment of Acupuncture, I was rough for a couple of days so took it easy as I was going to London for the weekend for my birthday. The pain was still bad so I had to take extra meds but I was determined to not let it ruin my break.

We went to see Billy Elliott on Friday night which was superb and somehow I managed to last until the end but could not wait to get to bed when we left the theatre. The following morning I was in a right mess trying to get out of the Hotel bed as I have my own mattress topper at home and without it I find I become very stiff.

My birthday was on the Saturday so I willed myself up and into the shower to get myself going instead of feeling sorry for myself and after breakfast we had a lovely walk on Oxford Street. We then met up with my daughter and her partner for lunch and I was then ordered to bed for a rest before the evening meal.

I had a great time and although I felt terrible the next day we decided to go on an open top bus for a tour of London as we had some time to play with before we got back on the train and the weather was glorious which always makes you feel better. But all in all it was a terrific weekend and really picked me up.

I was pretty bad on Monday and ready to tell them at my next acupuncture session which was for Tuesday that last week’s was no help whatsoever and if anything aggravated it a bit and left me with bruises but I got a phone call from the Hospital saying they had an infection on the ward so they were not doing injections that day.(Fate or what!!)

I had a really bad night last night with my thoracic disc constantly waking me up as I moved and awful nerve pain in my feet then when I got up this morning it just went again as I reached for my towelling robe. Its a really difficult pain to deal with as it effects so much of your every day movements. I couldn’t even look down without terrible pain !!!

Its settled down a bit now after getting my husband to give me a gentle shoulder massage and putting lots of heat pads on my thoracic area and taking the usual meds and some anti-inflamatories but I am getting to the stage where I think I might ask the Doc for some sleeping tablets.

I’d do anything to have a good nights sleep. Any other ideas on helping me sleep would be great. I’ve had a few comments from my last blog which has been a really boost to my moral – thanks. That’s all for now,


4 thoughts on “Pain really bad this week

  1. Hi Miyaka
    Thanks for your comments. The only exercise I can manage is walking which I push myself to do every day. Swimming is not possible because of my two neck fusions as I only do breast stroke and that just irritates my neck. I try and follow all the other comments you said after seeing different surgeons over the years and now know that this latest pain is from my lumber spine and really only find rest as the most beneficial form of relief but at only 56 years of age I do not want to spend my time lying down. Lovely to hear from you. Good luck with your blog. Its a great community spirit on Barbara


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