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I had a lovely informative reply to one of my posts this week after I had spotted Wellescent Health Blog and Jason read through my blog and suggested I looked at the article he had written on disc replacement surgery http://wellescent.com/blog/siteblog.php?entry=constructing-a-better-back. Its a great article with lots of links at the bottom, I then started looking at disc replacement surgery and where it is available etc and I do feel that when I cannot cope with any more pain then that is the route I am going to take.

Jason has made my day by sending me this link as I honestly felt there was no other option for me, but I can see that it could be suitable and so is something I can keep following and seeing the outcome of this operation.

I had a really terrible night last night with so much pain, numbness and pins and needles down my leg and into the front of my foot which would not go, no matter what I took and my last resort of an extra muscle relaxant eventually helped me get a couple of hours sleep. I am now getting so sick of the bad nights that I think I may have to ask my Doc for sleeping pills which she said I could only have as a last resort!!

I also had a reply from Zak my friendly Acupuncturist to visit him next time I’m in London which again gave me a bit of a boost then finally I was soooooooo excited because http://www.wellsphere.com asked me to have my blog linked to them as they thought mine so well written and informative (clever me, or what!)

So, you see there is light at the end of that dark tunnel of pain even if its just a little light. If it puts a smile on my face I pick up straight away. Thanks again to you all.


3 thoughts on “Wellescent.com Health Blog + Wellsphere.com

  1. I am very glad the articles was of use and opened up some new possibilities for you. Its always frustrating to feel at the end of your rope.

    Thanks too for the back link.


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