No more electro acupuncture for me !

I went for my last electro acupunture on Tuesday, and explained to nurses that I have felt absolutely no benefit whatsoever this time and that in fact it has made it worse so we decided we would give it one last shot and if nothing altered this last time then I would give it a miss.

Well, two days on and no difference, so I phoned and cancelled next week’s.

Its really unfortunate as the first session I had with it was a real help and I was able to cut down on my meds quite a lot but this time it just hasn’t helped at all. Whether its the different person doing it every week or whether its because I need all my meds for my lumber pain as well as for my cervical that may have prevented it working this time, I’m not sure. I am sure however that it would just be a waste of my time and the hospitals to have any more.

I will have to wait until I am in London again and go and see my friend Zak the Acupunturist.

I now have to wait until I hear from the Pain Clinic who will then send me back to see my Pain Consultant for a review of my drugs, but that could take up to six months so no change their in the near future, but i’ve had a couple of good days this week and slept nearly a whole afternoon in bed yesterday and felt sooooo much better when I woke up. Amazing what sleep can do.


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