The new Codman pain pump for chronic pain

I don’t know if you have read this weeks Good Health section in the Mail but more often than not there is another treatment for back pain, just about every week. Well this weeks was all about a new pain pump which is quite different to the others I have mentioned in my blog.

Its called a Codman pump and the link to the website is and although my computer would not let me into all the site I was able to get the details on this pump. The biggest difference I can see is that it has an inexhaustible power supply which does not need to be changed which means no further surgeries to change the battery are required, associated with battery pumps.

I would have thought this alone will prevent even more infections which I have read are quite common with the pain pumps and without the battery it also makes the pump a lot lighter.

Even the operation to have it put in is only 45 minutes so it certainly is quite a fantastic piece of equipment for people suffering from chronic pain and something I would consider when the need arises.


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