Hand Reflexology – very relaxing

Before we went to Chester last weekend we called to see my mother in law who suffers from dementia and I cut her nails for her and gave her a hand massage and suddenly had an Ulrika moment as I truly felt some benefit and felt calm and relaxed.

All weekend I could not stop thinking about it and have decided that I will do a home study on hand reflexology and hopefully help myself and my pain.

I’ve looked through a million home study course and have chosen one that’s not a fortune and found a local company who does one day workshops which although I don’t think I could manage a whole day with them at least I will get the gist of what to do.

I think my family and friends think I’ve lost the plot a bit but when you are in the sort of pain I live with you will try anything to take some of it away. Anyway it keeps the old brain cells working at the end of the day.

Anyone else tried hand reflexology for pain, I would be interested to know if anyone has?


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