Thoracic Pain, myofascial, joint dysfunction, thoracic outlet syndrome or prolapsed disc ?????

I’ve not been here for a couple of weeks as we had a short break in Chester last weekend for our 32nd Anniversary. I will attach some pictures later. Anyway since my last post I am still in a mess with terrible thoracic pain – it even hurts to breath !!! However I didn’t let it ruin my weekend and just topped myself up on meds and got my afternoon sleeps.

On Monday I saw my pain consultant who checked me over and basically said that he was not surprised I was in more pain and also that the electro acupuncture had not worked this time. He said at the end of the day my back can only get worse and not better and so I just become more and more used to the pain relief and consequently it stops working.

He has decided he will give me another cervical epidural and also a nerve block.I don’t know when the appointment will come through but I don’t think it will be for a while.

Anyway, I’d say this week its been at its worst but I had a lovely compliment at the Hospital when the nurse said she wished she could bottle my attitude towards pain as she was sure she would make a lot of money out of it !!!!!( Not sure about that)

I was browsing the website last night as I had my usual email and the article this week was on Upper Back and Thoracic Pain (creepy or what).

I wished I hadn’t as it confused me slightly as it sounded like my pain was a bit of everything from thoracic outlet syndrome, myofascial and joint dysfunction, prolapsed disc and Fibromyalgia to name a few …………….. I also don’t think it helps that I am quite well endowed (presume that’s how you spell it) and probably should have had a breast reduction years ago after my second neck operation.


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