Could it be a nerve trapped in my neck?

Just by way of a change I’m in a mess with my neck/thoracic again. It’s much much worse this time and feel as though something is either trapped or a disc is pressing on something as the pain is sort of in my neck and going under my arm then down my arm and with pins and needles and numbness in my hand.

This isn’t anything like I’ve had before and not sure if its all the same thing or something different. Its even effected my feet with pain on the outside of one foot in particular and just walking on the other.

To be honest, its just really bad and the Tramadol is not touching it. Would love to hear from anyone who might know what this is and what I could do to help it.


2 thoughts on “Could it be a nerve trapped in my neck?

  1. It sounds like a trapped nerve in the cervical area something of which I am an expert having broken my neck. My best treatment has been with a cranial osteopath but last time (earlier this year) I had a good result with acupuncture. Hope this helps you have my sympathy. Ed


  2. Thanks for that Ed,I’m not alone then which is something you always think when you are in pain. Not allowed to let an osteopath near me and have regular acupuncture but like drugs your body just gets used to it. Soon be tomorrow, another day and maybe a less painful one……………


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