MRI results

I’ve been looking through my paperwork from having an MRI Scan last April and thought if I put the details online someone out there could explain it to me so I know what all this pain is about.

MRI results cervical spine – scans in the cervical region show that there has been internal fixation of the cervical spine between C4 and C7. At each of these levels the canal remains wide. Axial scans show that at C3-4 there is a moderate diffuse protrusion of the annulus which extends into the left neural foramen producing moderate to severe narrowing and left C3 root could be compressed at this location. Scans in the dorsal region shows small disc protrusions at T1-2, T3-4, T6-7, T7-8, and T10-11. There is a large beak-like osteophyte arising from the anterior endplate of T3 vertebral body resting on the fusion plate cranially is shown dorsally to the C6 and C7 vertebral body.

Sorry its a bit long winded but that’s what it says – any help would be appreciated as my pain meds max Tramadol are not working.


4 thoughts on “MRI results

  1. Hi, I thought I’d just deleted the twitter widget but it has come up again so I will have another go at moving it lower down. Sorry about that as it looks ok on mine – strange or what?


  2. Basicly this all means that you have given your spine a hammering. The bone or vertibrae in a number of places has been displaced and has caused a narrowing of the passage through which all nerves travel. These narrowing cause pressure on the nerves which then sends a pain signal to the brain. In some cases surgery can be performed to rmove vertibrae or bony protrubances but this is not always possible and not always successful. I was offerd this kind of surgery many years ago with the assurance that there was a 60% success rate. That meant that there was a 40% failure rate which could require mor surgery lat and also a chance of permenent parralysis. I did not take the chance and have learned to live with the restriction.


  3. Hi – thanks so much for that informed reply to my comment. It all sounded double dutch to me but now I can understand it a bit more. After having my MRI surgery was discussed but like you I said no unless in an emergency but certainly since my MRI last April things have gone much worse and with this pain not being like any other I was a bit anxious it was a new disc but I think it must be the one they are talking about.After four spinal ops I’m worse off so its not something I would consider again. Thanks again for your thoughts.


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