Why hasn’t someone told me before what a bore I am?

I’ve just been reading through my friends and other posts and realised what a boring blog I write. I’m sure no-one wants to hear all about my aches and pains but I do appreciate the replies I have had from my posts – thanks for that blogging friends.

However, now that I think I know what is causing my pain I realise that the only way to make pain easier is to try and take my mind off the pain. Soooooooo, tomorrow come rain or shine I am going to start on my route to learning all about reflexology and other therapeutic treatments.

With the start of those I will promise no more boring blogs about my pain just news on how to get the endorphins in and placebo working 24/7. To help me along the way I will of course look forward to lots of replies to my posts.

So please keep your eyes open for my new look no more boring blog transformed overnight to a cure for all pain (I can dream can’t I)………………………


2 thoughts on “Why hasn’t someone told me before what a bore I am?

  1. Hi there, I certainly do not think your blog is boring, I wouldn’t have signed on for e mails otherwise, you are doing something not only useful to yourself but to others who have back and neck pain..like myself!
    It helps to know we are not alone in this world – I couldn’t do what you are doing, it takes dedication and patience, so keep up the good work!
    Glad to see you are taking an interest in something else though, I am into everything holistic, I am starting a 12 month, classed as full time (15 hrs) course at college in september, VTCT level 3 diploma in holistic therapy and reflexolgy, which hopefully will qualify me in aromatherapy massage and reflexology! I am a Reik 1 and due to take my Reiki 2 next Sunday – that’s somehting you should look into, Reiki is a wonderful thing! I’m just getting into Crystals and my friend who teaches Reiki and other holistic stuff is teaching a course on Crystals and I might do that also, this is for a year, one sunday each month!
    At the moment my neck pain is giving me hell but I have to be positive and hope that it gets a bit better for September, I won’t let this stop me from doing the course, because that’s what it wants and it’s not getting it’s own way!
    Self hypnosis is a wonderful thing and I do meditate as these help me relax.
    I am attending a pain clinic for the first time later today, I do not know what to expect but I hope they can offer me some acupunture or trigger point massage (got plenty of them) cause I know that these are the two things that may help me. Have had those on bupa but we not in bupa anymore so it’s down to the good old nhs which at the moment I don’t find very good at all!
    anyways…keep it up..you doing good!!

    p.s. still not found you on facebook!

    Cheer susan


  2. Hi Susan,
    Thanks soooooo much for your lovely reply to my post. You have made my day and am so pleased I do a bit of good with my blog.
    You sound so similar to me with your interest in holistic therapies as I feel that’s also the only option left for us.

    I have already done a Pain Management and Anatomy & Physiology home study courses to get the gist of how your body works and deals with pain and as well as the Reflexology Course I am going to do Acupressure after that.

    What have you done with you back? Hope its getting easier. I walk around with a wheat bag round my neck on my bad days. I get a few funny looks when I go out with it on my neck when I walk the dog but hey! there not in pain lol !!

    I also listen to hypnosis tapes like you.

    You will find the Pain clinic great – I’ve been going for years and they just keep you on file and keep offering you some free acupuncture, massage, epidurals, nerve blocks etc and go through your medications with you – again, its like you say – its just nice to have someone who knows what your going through.

    I’ve just tapped your email name into Facebook but there are three pages of them – where do you live and I will try again? Try me again – living in Nottingham – Barbara McLullich – take care, hope we catch up on Facebook.



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