How many celebrities have Fibromyalgia ????

I’ve been surfing the Internet to find out which celebrities have Fibromyalgia and found very few. Apparently Cher has come out and admitted she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a book “The Great Physicians RX for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia” by Jordan Rubin and Joseph Brasco says, celebrities such as The Duchess of Kent, Soccer star Michelle Akers and jazz pianist Keith Jarrett also have Fibromyalgia, but that appears to be all I can find.

When you really start looking through the websites, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, ME and Myofascial Pain quite often get mentioned in the same site so could it be that the stigma of these type of Syndromes has put celebrities off saying they have the disease ?

The well known BUPA website has a fact sheet on Fibromyalgia and talks about its symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, living with Fibro, further information, Q &A’s, related topics and sources and the NHS also recognises it on its website and is the first site that I have seen to mention a possible genetic link.

If you tap Fibromyalgia into Amazon you have a choice of 3,529 books to choose from and there are over 7,000 sites on Google so why do some Doctors still have problems with this disease which is obviously real and not “all in the mind”????

Some excellent uk sites that I came across were and finally .

After reading so much about the disease and thinking how my health has been even since my younger days, I now realise that the diagnoses a Rheumatologist gave me a few years ago that I also had Fibromyalgia as well as a Degenerative Back is obviously true as I ticked toooooooo many box’s for it not to be so.

But it has given me the desire to look more into this strange and painful disease to hopefully help others suffering from it, or some who may think they have it but are being told “its all in the mind”.


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