What’s life without friends

I had an email from a lovely lady who started writing to me after reading this blog and we have developed a lovely friendship and keep in touch with each other via email. The other day I received one from her and she was really really low so I spent some time writing back to her and she sent me a lovely email back and has said I could put my note to her on my blog for others to read, as I had made her feel a lot better.

24 August at 19:37
Hi Sue,

No need to thank me for reading your message – its a pleasure – just hope I can help you.

Firstly, stop pulling yourself down – pain is draining in any shape or form and although at the moment you cannot think positive until you know the full score on your back it still fills you with negative feelings if you cannot take the pain out of your mind.

One thing that definitely helps me is hypnosis which I do when things get really bad and the best way to do it is to get some cd’s – i have relaxation cd’s positive affirmations cd’s and relaxing music cd’s (bought on Amazon)and the best time to listen to them is as you are just about to go to sleep then it stays in your subconscious. It takes a few days, even weeks (not many) for it to stay in your subconscious and I also use it for weight loss and went to see a hypnosis women for that and at the moment i am listening to those every night as they also start with relaxation. They DO work and are worth the money in gold and I bought a small cd alarm clock which sits next to me in bed and some extra long ear phones. If I’m having a really bad day I also listen to them when I go for my afternoon rest.They wear off and all your do is listen to them again, but do try them.

Talking of rest – you mentioned that you are now thinking that maybe its time to take some medications but you don’t want anything that makes you sleepy, well why not? your body may need a rest every day to cope with the pain – if you still don’t fancy it then go for Paracetamol x 8 a day and take them all the time so its in your system then when you are having a really bad day top it up with anything that has fen (ibrufen etc) and as long as it does not have any paracetamol in it, you can take that as well. Also why not ask your Doc for a muscle relaxant/antidepressant – I take two different types and only take 10mg of each for sleeping and they work to relax your muscles and put happy endorphins in your brain. They are not any where near as strong as depressed people would take and I know I will be on these for life but my attitude to taking pills is just that if you have a headache or stomach ache you would take something for it so why not for backache.

Also a couple of websites I would recommend to join are http://www.spine-health.com – join this one (its simple) then click onto pain forums and then back and neck and tap in your discomforts and you will get lots of people telling you they have the same pain as you (or similar) and what they had done etc etc – this is an american site and excellent for back problems and the other one which is a uk site is http://www.painsupport.co.uk and when you have joined that one you can go into the discussion forums. They work like the American one but I met a lady in Nottingham online who is even seeing the same Pain Consultant as me and if you needed any surgery doing that one is the best place to ask for recommended names of consultants.

And finally, (I bet you wished you hadn’t written to me now) think of a hobby that you could do using your hands which will take your mind off the pain. If you can’t think of anything go onto the internet and tap in hobbies for the girls and you will soon find something. I agree with you that neck pain is far worse than low back as you use your neck for everything but my laptop is my hobby and without it I don’t know what I would do. I could not do it however if it wasn’t a wireless laptop as I can even surf and type (trained as a secretary in my early years) when I am lying on the settee at the same time.

Well, I think that’s all I can think of for now (thank goodness thinks Sue) but if I do think of something else I will write it down and let you know and don’t forget to keep a pain diary ready for your next visit to the pain consultant or doctor or both. Basically they like you to put where the pain is and on a scale of 1 – 10 how bad its been (10 being awful) and how it effected your day.

Look forward to hearing from you. Thinking of you. Keep your chin up Sue, you are not alone. Barbara x

24 August at 22:33
Thanks bar,,,must be having a low, had a lump in my throat when I read your message, I have all those CD’s have em on my ipod too but haven’t listened to em for a few months, will have to make an effort and give it a go this week!!


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