Lower Back Pain is soooooooo draining

Its me again – three blogs in less than 24 hrs !!!!!!!!!

I had a lovely Reflexology treatment this afternoon which seemed to react in every part of my spine so I came home afterwards for an hours rest as recommended by the Reflexologists, but it seems to have really stirred up my lumber back pain and I’m just so uncomfortable.

Just wondered if anyone else was in pain at the moment like me? Its boring I can tell you that for sure.


4 thoughts on “Lower Back Pain is soooooooo draining

  1. my cousin actually has to have an operation on her back, she works in the same office as me and has done so for 30 years, she’s been off work now for 3 months… i saw her sunday she was in aggers… unable to sit quiet for afew moments, completely understand, my dad does hands on healing on her, which helps for awhile, its where you know where the energy centres are opened and energy is placed where it’s needed, have you looked at alternative therapies? x


  2. Hi – I know exactly how your cousin must be feeling at the moment – send her my thoughts and tell her the pain will suddenley lift and she will be glad she has had the operation. If she wants to ask me any questions I’ve had four spinal ops so I’m sure I can help her. Yes I have quite a few alternative therapies including massage, reflexology and acupuncture and they help for a short time but its expensive at the end of the day so I just have to try and deal with it. I do find this blog helps me. Just getting comments and feedback gives your endorphines a kick. Thanks for that X


  3. Hi, back pain at all levels is a real morale-drainer. If you use a computer a lot (which I’m guessing from the fact you’re keeping a blog is the case), then I’d recommend you take the 30 day free trial of my award-winning software to help you improve your posture and computer habits.

    It’s certainly not a miracle cure or anything, just a simple, sensible approach to help you do what you know is good for your back, which should help you get over your current pain and reduce the chances of it coming back. Of course, it sounds like you’ve got a serious underlying medical issue since you’ve needed back ops, but that’s still no reason not to give PostureMinder a try as it will help support the other treatment you’re receiving. Lots of people with long term chronic back pain such as sciatica swear by my software as the missing piece of the treatment jigsaw.


  4. Hi Phil,
    Thanks for your comments – I will go onto your website for a nosy. The trouble is that my posture is so bad as in its painful to sit in so many different ways that I have to keep moving my position. As for sitting at a desk with a computer in front of me, well that would be out of the question.

    I have a small lightweight wireless laptop that sits next to me wherever I am and that includes resting in bed. I just put it on a cushion in front of me and as I’m secretary trained I never need to look at the keys as I know exactly where they are.

    Life without my laptop would be awful but I’ll still have a look at PostureMinder and thanks for leaving your comments. It makes my day when someone leaves me a comment on my blog.


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