Xtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion – the latest technology in low back surgery

I was reading the article in last weeks Daily Mail about a new surgery for lower back pain. The technique was developed in the US six years ago with only 15 surgeons in Britain performing it.

The Xtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion means that the surgeon can operate through two small incisions in the patients side and using this technology can avoid nerves as they operate. They then fill the gap left by the removed disc with a plastic cage, like a matchbox with square holes in it. This contains artificial bone graft which acts as a scaffold for the patients own bone to grow into. The surgery is also slightly shorter than other disc surgeries and recovery quicker.

The surgeon in the Mail is a Mr Alwyn Jones who is a consultant spinal surgeon at the University Hospital of Wales and the Spine Hospital in Cardiff. However I cannot seem to find any link to any other surgeons in the UK who perform this operation. I have also been trying to find out if this type of surgery is also suitable for patients who have had previous fusions or just for first timers. So, if anyone can give me any links about this surgery or the names of other surgeons who perform it, I would be ever so grateful. Thanks:D


13 thoughts on “Xtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion – the latest technology in low back surgery

  1. Hi Thanks for your information on back surgery. I have a prolapsed disc at L5. I have been trying to avoid intervention in my back. I have recently had an injection into L5 space, which I was told was for diagnosis purposes but could probably provide some pain relief. No success so will be glad to have a chat with someone who can probably give me my life back.


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