Falling asleep on Tramadol

I’ve got sooooooooooo much I want to do online but I’m really struggling keeping awake which is not something new as the slow release Tramadol sends me a bit that way but also with my back being so bad at the moment its draining me of my energy.

I’ve tried eating some chocolate and having a black coffee so far but its not helping which is a bit of a drag. Fibromyalgia sufferers know that it is part of the disease but when you are also trying to fight pain and take drugs as well its a bit overwhelming.

Its only 12.45 but I’m going to try and sleep for a while then get back on here after my forty winks in the hope I can keep motivated before yet another day flies by where I’ve got very little done. Its a good job this laptop is lightweight and wireless otherwise I don’t think I would be able to get much done at all and I loooooooooooove writing.

See you later alligator.


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