My computer crashed OMG I was in total panic

88|My computer crashed on me last night after spending quite a long time setting up a “Fighting Chronic Pain” group on the Wellsphere website and I felt as if I’d had my left arm taken off. :??:

I could hardly sleep worrying about how I could manage until it got fixed and realised just how much I am online and use my little laptop. Its always near me as I can even use it lying down my putting it on a cushion. Being secretary trained I never have to look at the keys so its very easy for me. I just can’t tell you how I felt. Awful wasn’t in it.

Anyway I spoke to my son this morning and he said try rebooting it which I did last night and nothing happened but this time its come back on again – phew !!! what a relief, and what a buzz I got when I saw how many people had left comments on different posts. This is soooooo therapeutic you have no idea. Trouble is I just can’t understand people who don’t enjoy being online and either writing or finding out anything you could possibly think of. Am I sad or what?

Well now that I know its all ok again I guess I ought to wash the breakfast dishes and get some food in for the weekend then I can get back and settle down with my laptop later …….:DD


4 thoughts on “My computer crashed OMG I was in total panic

  1. Hiya, thanks for the wave – got back and the flippin thing went off again and its back on again now so I can only presume some work is being done nearby as it defo is not my computer – thank goodness. Had a goodish day today thanks. Hope you have to. Have a great weekend x


  2. I like your Back Pain Blog. great job. As compared to early 90’s, computer systems are now very much easier to refurbish. Today you can get a number of online PC help tutorials that help you to deal with basic computer hardware and software troubleshooting steps.


  3. Hi James
    So pleased you like my pain blog. Cheers for that. Also thanks for the link to your PC help. Its in my favourites for when it happens again. Take Care. Barbara


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