Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show at Grosvenor Hotel London

Eight of us are going for our annual trip to the Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show and afternoon tea at the Grosvenor Hotel in London on Wednesday. Its one of those events that makes you feel lucky to have nothing life threatening wrong with you. Pain is draining but you can at least deal with that sort of illness. All the models are either recovering from breast cancer or having treatment for it and includes a few men.

The fashion show always seems to bring on your emotions and a few tears as its one of those events that seems to effect you that way. They raise a lot of money at this event for Breast Cancer Care and the tickets are not cheap but worth every single penny in the hope that it might help someone who is suffering from it.

I’ve been resting up today and will do the same tomorrow ready for Wednesday as it is a long day for me. We leave around 11am and get the train to London then a taxi straight to the Hotel for the start of the event at 1.30pm. You are given a glass of champagne on arrival and then you have the opportunity to look around at some of the stalls and spend your money on a fantastic tombola and buy some raffle tickets before you go in for your tea.

I can’t imagine how many ladies are in the room but there are tons of tables of ten and the atmosphere is brilliant. The fashion show starts almost straight away and then your afternoon tea follows after the speaker and raffle. It finishes around 4ish and then we usually get a taxi to Oxford Street for a little browse and some dinner before we get the evening train home.

Its surprising how my adrenalin kicks in all day and its usually not until I’m sitting on the train home that it hits me what a long day it has been, but I would highly recommend it. A simple change is as good as a rest as they say.

Well I’m off to do a bit of studying now as I really want to finish my home study course soon so until next time………….:wave:


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