Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show at Grosvenor Hotel London

The Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show was as usual a fantastic afternoon’s entertainment with so many fashions that you just couldn’t keep up with the amount of changes the twenty five models must have made. One thing that did seem to stand out is the military theme and shoulder pads are definitely back. The day after the show I went through my wardrobe and ordered some military style buttons on ebay to transform some of my old jackets!!!

The show started with an amazing performance from three world class gymnasts and Andrea McLean from Loose Women was the afternoon’s host. She was really lovely and so natural. Beverley Craven was the singer who had also experienced a diagnosis of breast cancer. She had a lovely dry sense of humour and sang some very emotional songs which brought tears to quite a few ladies eyes.

The show seems to get bigger and bigger every year. We were on Table 1 – all the tables are for 10 people and there were 91 tables !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other fantastic thing that you get at the afternoon performance is a goody bag full of treats from Urban Retreat, Nivea and QVC.

After the show finished we came out to pouring rain outside but we got a taxi to St. Christopher’s Close and didn’t let the rain dampen our day. I waited in a Restaurant for my daughter to join me after work and the girls had a good shop in Selfridges then joined us for some food before we got the 8.20pm train home.

We had lots of giggles and although I felt exhausted by the time I got home and in terrible pain, it was all worth it. My husband knows how I am when I arrive home after this event and had a gin and tonic at the ready to relax my back before I went to bed, but all of us have already said that we know we will be attending this annual event again next year and lots more years after that.


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