Neck Pillows & Back & Neck Pain

The lovely sunny Autumn days have got me out and doing a bit of walking after my hectic week and although I’m still suffering I do think the sun kicks the endorphines in.

I feel quite chuffed with myself this week after helping an online friend when she needed a bit of tlc and cheering up last week. We met through my blog and I think my ideas to help her pain have worked and she is also seeing another consultant.I was really chuffed that not only had I helped her but also that the friendship came about via my blog !!

I could actually just sit here and just type about anything and everything and probably some rubbish as well but the title to my blog is what I should be writing about so I’ve been doing a bit of a recky on articles on back and neck pain over the last week and have found some interesting posts on neck pillows for back and neck pain.

Pillows are so personal don’t you think? After my first cervical surgery I had to wear a collar so it didn’t really matter what pillow I had but after the second cervical fusion they did not advise one but neither did they advise any type of pillow, so I’ve stuck with the same soft type for years. So much so that if I go to a Hotel and the pillow is hard I find it very difficult to get to sleep.

However, they have now found out that certain neck pillows can not only help with the pain from disc injuries and whiplash but also for back pain, shoulder pain and even chronic pain.

There are obviously quite a few different types advertised and the tempa ones are advertised everywhere but when I started looking a bit harder I found one called a cervical traction pillow which had great reviews but I can only find it available in America and and its quite expensive.

I then came across another one in the UK called a water pillow which I have never heard of? this is a water based pillow which has been rated the top bed pillow over all others for improving the quality of your sleep and has been clinically tested and proven to be the best neck support pillow to reduce neck pain, shoulder pain and chronic pain. But, at around £45 it’s not cheap and I feel sure that is why I have not heard of this one before.

The makers are Mediflow but I found quite a few other sites that have them (including ebay) and they also advertise a travel one for £29.99 and a King size for £65.95 and then I found one on special offer with £6.50 off for £43.45 at but even then its more than my egg shell mattress topper and how can I be sure it will work for me?

I mean I know they say that its been rated the top bed pillow but surely after years of sleeping on a very flat one something like this would be really uncomfortable. I then tried to see if anyone hired them out,which you think would be a good idea as I’m sure more would sell that way. But again, I could not find any site that hired them out.

I would be really interested if anyone had tried this pillow as I am definitely thinking of buying one or maybe adding it to my Christmas present list but would be really upset if it did nothing for me. I’d love to hear from anyone who may have used these and their opinions on them.


6 thoughts on “Neck Pillows & Back & Neck Pain

  1. I hear many people say that neck pillow are meant to travel purposes. For me, I noticed that it provides me much comfort when I sleep at night using these kinds of pillow. It gives me much comfort though it seems to be unusual.

    The problem with most pillows is that they are big and is not proportion with our body size while neck pillows perfectly fits. No doubt!


  2. Great article. used it for my research into helpful pillows for preventing and helping neck and back pain. Being a sufferer for sometime without realising how important a good pillow is, i know spread the word as much as I can. Many thanks


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