Back Pain and the Wii Fitness Games !!!!!

Its been a while again, since I’ve been here but I have just been busy sorting through drawers and putting bits on ebay which once the children had heard about also gave me a load of their gear to put on ebay!!!

Then, last week I went and did something really silly. I was watching my husband playing tennis on the wii game and thought I would like a go and although he wasn’t that keen on me playing it, I managed to convince him that I could not possibly hurt myself with something so light.

Anyway – you’ve guessed it – I spoke tooooooo soon and on my fourth hit I felt something go in my back which wasn’t like a disc pain more like a nerve pain – just like someone had stabbed me in the back !!!! Will I ever learn ? I only wanted to have a bit of fun.

Well since then I’ve had to rest up and take extra medication and use heat pads as within a couple of hours the knock on effect to the rest of my spine was dreadful. By Saturday I’d already decided that if it was no easier by today that I would go direct to the Hospital and ask for an epidural or anything extra they could give me for pain.

Fortunately it seems to have settled a bit now and I’m coping on the medication I’m on but I was sooooo frustrated and mad with myself for putting myself in that position and although I know my family love me to bits, they were all cross because of the way I did it.

The nerve pain I get shoots down into my big toe but only comes on after bending over but you would be surprised how many times you do that, and I think that might push me to go back for some type of injection as a pain killer can’t really work on a nerve pain.

Still, their are people out there who are much worse off than me so I will keep my chin up and get on with it and might even start making my own Christmas cards today, propped up with cushions and using trays on cushions to work on – there’s always a way to do it somehow.


7 thoughts on “Back Pain and the Wii Fitness Games !!!!!

  1. All my sympathies to you.
    The Wii is deceptive – a couple of games of tennis once left me aching all over the next day.

    Sadly I don’t think it is the answer for people with back problems like yours – as you so uncomfortably found out. 😦

    Poor you 😦 Hope you get some relief of some sort soon. Sending you good vibes in the hope they might help X


  2. I totally understand.
    What I hate most about chronic pain is that on good days you almost feel you can do anything that it will all be ok and then something happens and reminds you how fragile we really are.
    I find that my tens machine is helpful in these cases but sometimes its just not enough, I find myself pacing around and smoking loads more as I have to go outside so works well with the pacing lol
    When this happens it can knock you back (excuse the pun) but just go back and think of all the gentle exercise the physio – terrorists gave you.
    Why don’t you call the department and get an emergency appointment and they may decide you need more help.
    In the meantime I’m sending big get well hugs and kisses.
    Emja xxx


  3. You are soooooo right about the good days which don’t come by that often so much so that you just can’t resist going that extra mile when they do.
    I did have a tens machine but that no longer helps, I just have to up my meds to the max and lie flat as poss for as long as poss. I was hoping to make some xmas cards today to take my mind off it but everything has gone wrong today. See my next blog.
    Thanks for your huggs
    Barbara x


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