Numbness in my foot

After reading my comments left from online friends I decided to go and see someone this morning as the numbness was no better and I felt pretty rough.

I went to see a Physiotherapist who has a private practice in our village and she immediately said it was L5 and explained that some people get pain others get pins and needles or numbness but its the first time it has effected my left foot as I get pain all the time in my right foot and down my toe but not my left. The funny thing is that its my left leg that is the weakest.

My Physio has advised me to use heat or ice in the hope that it maybe just inflamed and then it might settle again so that’s what I have done today but no change yet. I guess I shall just have to wait and see.

I guess I’m a little bit anxious as any sites on spinal problems say any type of numbness is a “red flag” which means go and get it seen to asap but as my Physio didn’t say that I’m being a bit cocky and trying to ignore it !!

2 thoughts on “Numbness in my foot

  1. Did the physio take an X-ray or do any blood tests?

    If not I think you should go see a GP as well just to be on the safe side.

    My Dad had a mouth ulcer that wouldn’t go away and was told by one GP it was nothing – which is what he wanted to hear.
    But by the time he saw a different doctor who knew their stuff and knew he should have it biopsied – it was too late. It turned out to be oral cancer and a year later he was no longer with us:(
    If the first GP had been better at their job and got him sent for tests it would have been dealt with in time as it was one of those cancers that if dealt with early have an excellent survival rate.

    Don’t want to scare you – but if it was me I’d want more reassurance than an “immediate diagnosis” – there are plenty of health care professionals who get things wrong alas. 😦

    They may well be right – but getting a 2nd opinion won’t do any harm.


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