Some of my numbness has gone – Yipeeeeeeee

I woke up this morning with a surprise !! When I put my foot out of the bed, I could feel it !!! I was soooooo pleased I woke my husband up and sang my heart out when I came down to let the dog out. She thought I’d gone potty but she could be right their !!!!!:crazy:lol

The numbness has come and gone all day but at least its on the move so I’ve tried to rest most of the day with the heat pads and will keep doing that for the time being. I’ve also been searching the internet and found a few new ideas on back pain. One being laser treatment on your nerves and a friend is going to find out the name of someone she had heard of that did it.

I can’t tell you how much better I feel today knowing that it is going the right way and realize that resting often just has to be a big part of my life and if I need to go and help my Dad again I will just have to fit in a rest sometime in the afternoon.

I could be quite depressed about it all but its not in my nature to give up and it just spurs me on to get myself right again. I hope I can also help others in a similar situation. Life’s short enough as it is and with the access to the world wide web you can learn and find out anything you want to know about your condition. The other advantage are the forums and blogs like mine where you meet other lovely people who will support and keep your chin up when your feeling low. Without this I think everything would be much harder to deal with.

So, thanks all of you for your kind words and opinions on my problem which I hope I am getting to the bottom of. :wave:


5 thoughts on “Some of my numbness has gone – Yipeeeeeeee

  1. Glad to hear your news
    Don’t put off getting proffesional help though. Take it easy and let nature help, listen to your body and do what it tells you and don’t try to rush it.
    Blessings SpirtBird


  2. I’ve been thinking and worrying about you Bar so I am so pleased your having feeling back.

    Maybe you should write a diary in case this happens again, but I would still like you to see a Dr, just so they can have it on there records.

    Big hugs and kisses xxx


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