My dog hates FIREWORKS

I had a terrible night with my back last night but also felt as though everything was hurting. My husband knocked me by accident in bed and I could have screamed but I guess its the weather thats irritating my Fibromyalgia at the moment, so it will settle down again.

I got up and felt so lousy but still had my feeling in my foot and took my usual medications with my first cup of tea then after my shower went for my usual walk with my small dog Bess but I had to turn back after just a short time as I knew I couldn’t make it.

One minute my other half saw me struggling behind as he walked ahead to the paper shop and then next minute I’d disappeared !!!! lol

Normally I pick up when I get home as the walk seems to help to kick my endorphines in but today the only thing that kicked in was pain so I just went to bed and slept and slept and slept and got up this afternoon feeling a bit better.

I’ve sat with my grey toy poodle shaking on my knee tonight as she is so frightened of fire works (bless her) but finally she’s settled down. This happens every year and the only trouble is she will refuse the walk in the morning as she thinks another noise is about to come and it usually takes me a few weeks of coaching to get her to enjoy her walk which she normally loves. Its such a shame it has to go on for days and days and I’m out tomorrow night so I will have to leave the radio on loud in the kitchen.

Well that’s it for today, I’m off to start a new book …………….

5 thoughts on “My dog hates FIREWORKS

  1. hi barbara…sorry to hear all the pain you going through…seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel sometimes eh? I have felt so lousy for the last few weeks, this damp weather is driving me crazy, I don’t seem to be getting better, every day seem to be a new area of pain…this morning I woke up abruptly to a very sharp pain going through my right knee, i thought someone had jumped on it, it took hours for it to settle down…never had that before.
    my appointment has been changed from 11th november to 10th December to see the rheumatologist and I have given in on the odd night and took the medication I told you the doc had given me and i’ve actually slept, but don’t want to take em everyday.
    I’m getting 2 massaages and one reflex treatment at college per week and boy did I miss them when it was half term!
    Poor animals..have to suffer these horrible fireworks, my lab hates them and thunder and lightening so i’ll be glad when it’s all over..
    take care susan xx


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