Its been a long day today……………

I feel shattered today after a long day in the car. My back is now playing up something awful but I had to go to see my dentist who is my cousin and he lives in Lancashire which is about 2 hrs from us. I know your thinking I’m mad but he has looked after my teeth for I guess you could say forever, and knows all about my back and neck and what medication I’m on and is so careful with me. But after a long time in the chair then another 2 hour journey home its obvious I would be feeling a bit rough now.

To be honest with you it really took it out of me last week in London and I spent most of Friday and Saturday resting in bed then the sunny weather on Sunday prompted me to go for a long walk so my husband and I went to the woods with out dog. It was truly gorgeous and I managed 45 mins which I was really chuffed with and collapsed in bed when I got home but woke up feeling a lot better.

I’ve been busy taking my mind off the pain by making my own Christmas cards – the mess everywhere when I make them is always awful as I just drop everything and deal with it at the end but I’m chuffed with the ones I’ve made. I might have a go at making some mug cozies tonight for a bit of a fun as a present for the kids and their partners for Xmas, but I will wait until the medication has kicked in.

It does really work for me focusing on something else when I’m in pain, but I always have the same problem and that is when to stop, as the bell tends to ring when I’ve overdone it but hey we only have one life so I’ve just got to make the most of it.

I love the tv programmes at the moment and will settle in front of the tv with a hot bottle and watch I’m a Celebrity and all the X Factor and Dancing programmes until then come out of my ears. lol :crazy: So, until another day, take care my online friends.

2 thoughts on “Its been a long day today……………

  1. Hi Bar
    I’m addicted to I’m a celebrity already and of course the X factor and am also enjoying daytime tv but to be honest I never thought I would look forward to Doctors or Neighbours ( although I ahve watched this from the first show when I was in nurses digs).

    I used to make cards as well and if I’m stuck any longer I might do again, B won’t be happy with glitter being everywhere again lol

    Keep going Bar
    Emja xxx


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