Epidural in my lumber spine before Christmas – yipeeee!!

I am soooooooo chuffed today as my pain consultants secretary rang me last night to say they can fit me in for a lumber epidural on the 22nd December – how perfect is that for Christmas. I thought they had forgotten me it is so long since the pain clinic had phoned but it was mainly because there is only one consultant who will do my epidural.

My Doc also sent me a letter to tell me to come for the Tami Flu injection which I am having next week as for the past three years I’ve had terrible chest infections and cough and twice sent my disc out in my thoracic spine through coughing, so I feel everyone is looking out for me at the moment.

I’m hoping it will mean the first Christmas in years that I have not been down with flu or in agony with back pain. Yipeeeee, Yipeeee, Yipeee :crazy:

You have no idea, unless your in constant pain like me how such a couple of Hospital visits for these can make you so happy, especially when you know it helps so much. The only unfortunate thing with my epidural is it is lasting less and less as time goes by but will definitely be great for me over Christmas and New Year.

Just had to let you know as I’m on cloud nine at the moment :wave:


18 thoughts on “Epidural in my lumber spine before Christmas – yipeeee!!

    • Dearest Barmac. How did it go after your lumber epidural? Was your Christmas pain-free? How I hope it was. This woman below should be jailed! What’s the matter with these people?
      Loads of love and hoping all went well for you. XX


      • I don’t know how this post ended up at the top Charlotte as I wrote it last Christmas , not this one. But, since my foot operation I am managing on half the pain medication so obviously I was walking very badly before, but thanks for asking. Take care 🙂 xx


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