Soon got my epidural – sooooooooooo ready for it

I just love Christmas but boy it doesn’t half take it out of you, especially with this cold weather. Very pretty but not ideal for people with muscle problems.

It’s snowed like mad here today so I haven’t moved an inch and we were supposed to be going over to my Dad’s in Manchester to take prezzies and cards etc tomorrow but with the state of the roads I’m going to send it by Royal Mail Special Delivery instead. I will miss seeing Dad but he’s coming to stay with me after Christmas so just as long as he gets my gifts then that’s all that matters.

I had some bad news sent my way last week – the local newspaper which I write for has made me redundant with a few other local freelance writers. It’s one that comes out once a week and isn’t a big earner or anything like that but with it happening just before Christmas it made it feel much worse but I have been overwhelmed with emails from my contacts. Ah well c’est la vie as they say. You never know I might actually finish my book I’m writing now I have no other writing commitments.

I’ve got my epidural on Tuesday so I’ve overdone it a bit this week trying to get everything finished so that I will rest on Wednesday ready to enjoy Christmas and I must admit I feel really organized (for a change).

Well, I’m just about to type up my final article for the local paper so I had better get on with it and see what the wind blows my way in 2010. Take care everyone.


5 thoughts on “Soon got my epidural – sooooooooooo ready for it

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