Home from my epidural and looking forward to Christmas

Thanks for your love and thoughts my online friends. My epidural went ahead as planned yesterday which he has done a level higher as it was just so painful last time and really irritated the disc a bit. Apart from feeling a big delicate I feel fine and as I have managed to get everything done I am just resting today looking out at the pretty snow landscape from my conservatory window.

I am getting soooooooooo excited now about Christmas and just want my family home with me NOW! but will have to wait until they have both finished work. Just hope no more snow comes as some of the roads are quite lethal.

I tried a new recipe for a chocolate trifle last weekend with brownies which was gorgeous but a little toooooooo rich so of course I had to eat it all in order to use the bowl again to make one not so rich lol !!!So I am hoping to feel fit enough to do my usual trifles tomorrow. I made my mince pies last weekend – all 64 of them but they are going down fast!!!!
I also printed of a recipe that was on the Gordon Ramsey F word last night which was for left over Christmas pudding made into soufflés and it looked so easy I’m going to have a go at that on boxing day as we never finish our Christmas pud.

Well, I think all I have left to do now until after Christmas is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Keep warm and safe.

6 thoughts on “Home from my epidural and looking forward to Christmas

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