A man who grew cannabis for his own use to relieve his back pain has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Police found plants at the man’s house who suffers from spondylosis at the base of his spine. He said that he self-medicated with the illegal drug to ease his symptoms as well as taking a large number of prescription medications.

His latest offence was in breach of a two-year conditional discharge given to him by the court for similar offences. He is also waiting for spinal surgery.

Magistrates told him that because of the previous offences, they were giving him a two-month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, but said he could have expected a stiffer sentence, had he not had a medical condition. They also placed him under a curfew between 8pm and 8am for three months.

I’m not sure what the curfew is all about, but as a back pain sufferer myself I can understand how you can get into a position where you will try ‘anything’ to help ease the pain and he obviously tried cannabis and it worked.

One day I think ‘cannabis’ will become legal for medical reasons, but until then we will all just have to manage on presciption medications.



  1. Cannabis is prescribed for some conditions such as MS. It is in a hand cream that works wonders for sore hands. As a prescription drug that is regulated then it has its place. Back pain is an agony – especially when getting out of bed. The best cure for a bad back is to keep moving – plus pain killers. Cocodamol is magic in the short term but makes morphine in the stomach so should not be used long term. It seems from your blog that the judge showed compassion!


    • Yes, I agree with you there about compassion which is something some people would not give him I’m sure. You obviously know a lot about drugs and pain, are you a sufferer?

      I take Tramadol (and other relaxants) and am up to the max with it but do not want to go onto morphine for obvious reasons. 🙂


  2. That is so stupid! I have never tried it, but I have heard again and again how it can help those that can find no other help. There comes a time when the strong pain relievers with their terrible side-effects lose their effect, and that is when the patient should be allowed to take Cannabis.
    I have been given morphine when I had pericarditis for months on-end. It is horrible stuff and gives me a terrible headache. I look forward to when Marijuana is finally legal, and I shall enjoy! We shall throw a big party to celebrate the: Goodbye to pain!!


  3. I agree feel so sorry for the young man there is no harm in it if you have a medical condition its suppose to be very good for people who suffer pain ..might even have helped your condition Barmac 😉


    • I will almost guarantee that the person’s who are responsible for NOT making this drug available will NEVER have suffered any type of long term pain, and so have no idea what they are talking about. It is crazy Tom. x


      • I bet you are right. The only lingering bad pain I ever had was from an abscess under a tooth, and that week was hell on Earth for me. Pain that goes on for months and years is something that can only really be understood by those who have lived with it.


      • Pain in any areas of your face and head are the most painful pains around so you really knew what pain was all about. I shouldn’t think you new where to put your head. I hope you never experience that again. Thanks.


  4. I don’t understand why the police bother with somebody who they know is growing it for their own use…he’s hardly going to sell it unless growing it in large quantities which he clearly isn’t…deep sighs…the law is an ass at times, and I hope he never ends up in prison because he’s going to be in agony…codomol is lethal in the long term…gave my mother cirrhosis of the liver after years of taking it on prescription for her bad headaches…:( Not to be recommended…Have a lovely weekend, Barmac…GBHs…XXX


    • It is all a bit rediculous Jen I agree.

      I’m on Tramadol and had heard about codomol before but they do check my liver regularly due to the amount I take.

      Had a lovely day with Dad today thanks 🙂


  5. I used to make my mum hash cookies which did stop the awful muscle clenching that MS causes – it really relieved the pain but she was so scared as it was illegal she stopped having them – didn’t want to get into trouble or get me into trouble either I suppose. I was really upset that it was illegal when it clearly helped her!

    Does make me angry when they make a fuss about it when it is being used genuinely for medicinal purposes etc and obviously not being sold or whatever as a money making thing. the law can be an ass as Jenray said :no:


    • Oh, bless – I hope she isn’t suffering to much, what a shame its so wrong – who wants to suffer pain at the end of the day, NO-ONE, if you can have something for it.

      Yep, the law has a law of its own 🙂 x


      • One time, my brother went to fetch her the tin with the cookies in and he didn’t know they were hash cookies as mum hadn’t liked to tell him in case he was shocked and he hoovered up all the loose crumbly bits….. and then had a really funny turn! :)) :))

        Apparently there is now a cannabis spray for MS sufferers – Daughter heard about it somewhere.

        My mum uses Tramadol these days…..


  6. I broke my back and had a 12 inch metal rod put in there. 7 years on i am in more agony now than every i take 320mg of morphine daily 4000mg of gabapentin 50mg diazepam and a base dose of paracetamol and oramorph when needed. I also use local anesthetic patches yet apparently cannabis is seen as a big bad drug what about some of the synthetic substitutes i am pumping into my body on a daily basis. Today my pain specialist suggested a cannaboid. But apparently my gp can refuse to prescribe it even though it is my pain specialist that has suggested it is prescribed because every case has to go in front of the PCT and proved that it will be used for the right reason and thus making gps not prescribing it due to the added paperwork it causes. I am hoping my gp is forward thinking especially that i have been in bed since august now and want my life back. in the time i have been laid up my daughter has grown up and is leaving for university and just because society is too busy in other peoples lives i have lost the years from my daughter been 11 to 18.
    I think if it is for medical purposes and can turn peoples lives around there is no reason why it should be illegal as lets face it if someone wants to get smashed they will do it on anything they can get there hands on but surely the meds i am on are worse longterm for me than something which is naturally grown.
    The person that said the best thing for a back pain is short term co codamol and to keep moving clearly has never had serious monotonous relentless back pain before


    • Thanks for your comment on this fellow supporter. You have really had and still are having an awful time with your pain and I agree with all you have written, in particular your last comment on the co-codamol . There is back pain and there is back pain and you have both. I do hope you manange to get cannaboid drug you deserve it. DO keep in touch and let us know if you were granted it and if and how it helped you. Take care B


  7. i have recently been taking co-codamol for severe throat pain and infection. the co-codamol does help minimise the pain but not entirely.
    however, i am eating tonnes at the moment – i don’t know what’s wrong with me. yet when i weigh myself on the scales, i am LOSING weight, about a lb every 2 days.
    does the codeine in the co-codamol contribute to this?


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