A recent study has shown that eight out of ten osteoarthritis sufferers experienced less pain and stiffness after they took a wild rose hip preparation rich in compound called GOPO which is available from superdrug, pharmacies and leath food stores.



  1. Thanks for the information.

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  2. Rumalaya forte is herbal ayurvedic medicine which have the power of Guggul, shallaki and Licorice. This ayurvedic medicine has anti-inflammatory, analgesic action. There is no side effect for these medications.


  3. A friend of mine introduced me to senscool. After getting rear ended by a car I andmy husband suffer from back pain. Although the pain is much better after takingprescription and over the counter pain medication but it is still there. After using senscool both of us get pain relief for at least 4 to 6 hours. It worked miracle for us. The best part that got me sold on this product is that all the ingredients are natural. This product is now a “must” item in our medicine cabinet. In fact I always keep an extra bottle. I applied the gel on my shoulder and was not surprised at all as it has the same effect. It helps the muscle relax and has a very cooling effect. Senscool should be in every one’s medicine cabinet. Check their website


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