This ancient Chinese exercise is now being used to help people with arthritis. ‘Chi’ is Chinese for energy. It can help you to gain balance, strength and flexibility.

It is also though to help prevent falls among the elderly. The movements of tai chi are gentle, graceful and mystical and ideal for elderly people.

There are Dvd’s available by Paul Lam, ‘Tai Chi for Arthritis’.



  1. I keep thinking about trying it.

    When I had my bad back recently and went to the osteopath and he gave me a few helpful excercises to do, I have had a huge improvement in my back and amazingly in my balance. I can now stand on one leg for ages very easily without wobbling which is of course VERY useful 😉 but it led me to think that Tai Chi would improve me even more. The leg exercises only take a few minutes and I do them lying down in bed yet they have been really effective.


    • That sounds brilliant desert-times – why not get the DVD and continue it. I’m seeing a Physio at the moment and she gives me some exercises but there is no way I can stand on one leg yet. Maybe my right for a short while but the heel and most of my foot on my left is numb anyway, try and keep it up – its the best way to keep fit 🙂


      • Sounds a good idea Barmac!

        Heck I’m sorry to hear about your foot being numb etc… 😦 I do hope it improves and the sensation comes back and so on. It is terrible when bodies don’t work the way they are supposed to…. Hugsxxx


      • Thanks – the GP has now decided I should see a Podiatrist as I am having a lot of pain walking as the foot that is not numb has developed a nasty bunion which is also giving me pain and she thinks its the way I am walking that is making it so bad. I see someone in February but not expecting any miracles. 🙂


      • I found my x-ray of my bunion that I told you about! :)) heck life is exciting 😉 I’ll photograph it and post it! :)) It is a bit scary and not what I thought it would be like….

        I am so sorry to hear you suffer like this – being in pain is just, as you said, so awful…… I’m amazed at the success I have had with my back just through doing those excercises – I suppose once something goes out of alignment everything gets thrown out of kilter and is affected. I could feel the nerve all down my leg and into my foot when my back was hurting. Everything has a knock on effect to everything else doesn’t it?

        I hope the podiatrist can help!:)


      • Gosh, would love to see that. I’ve been in so much pain with my bunions today I could have screamed – what did you do to help with the pain of them. Even my strong back pain killers don’t seem to be touching it and its pretty draining as I am sure you know. Thanks for the comment, really interesting to read how others deal with pains. 🙂


      • I’ll photograph the x-ray and post it for sure….. My bunion goes through phases of hurting like anything but hasn’t bothered me for a while – absolutely no idea why! But I do recall it really aching and hurting.

        These days I have achy joints a lot and rubbing a bit of Tiger Balm on them seems to work well and I’d rub it on bunions too…. Good for all sorts of things is Tiger Balm! Even for headaches if you put it on the back of your neck and for bad chests if you rub a bit on your chest and for backs etc….. jolly good stuff – just stinky!


      • Never tried tiger balm must get some. That is the trouble with the bunion it comes and goes and is so flippin painful when it comes. I thought perhaps that you had yours removed with you having an xray of it. Take care 🙂


      • In fact I was having my foot x-rayed about something else but the bunion showed up nicely and the man offered to operate on it HOWEVER my mum had hers done years ago and a trainee surgeon did it and severed the nerve and she never was able to walk properly again really, it was never right so I would never have mine done.. silly because lots of people have it done successfully but I just couldn’t take the risk!

        Tiger Balm is good stuff! 🙂


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