bMassage your back with warm eucalyptus or mustard oil. Self massage can help your muscles to move more. It’s not that easy but if you cannot manage it yourself then ask your partner to do it for you. The warm oil will improve blood flow in the back to help relax the muscles.

Tea made up of ten basil leaves and drunk twice a day is apparently very helpful in relieving back pain. I’ve not tried this as I’m not a real lover of basil but I should give it a go.

Chamomile is another tea which can help back pain as it relaxes your muscles and helps you sleep. I always have a cup of chamomile and raspberry tea around 9pm as my last hot drink of the day.

Add ginger as it has inflammatory properties. Ginger can soothe aching muscles. It is also good for your stomach and nausea as well.

Listen to calming music as it takes your mind off your pain.

Meditate to tame intrusive thoughts and tension.

Do yoga and stretching to relax.

Heat or ice packs to reduce inflammation.

9 thoughts on “TIPS TO EASE BACK PAIN…”

  1. I am a regular reader of your blog sites. I must,however, ask if the advice that is shared will pass the test of good advice. I,further, note that the advice is general.
    I feel that general advice(10 Basil leaves … etc..) can be unhelpful. For instance a previous partner was so poorly with ME that he resorted to all sorts of treatments as recommended by friends whilst ignoring advice from the address:-

    Eventually long after the break-up of our relationship he did consult and to his horror found that the herbal medicine approach was making symptoms worse. Whilst having ME he had also been living with Epilepsy. After seizures he was often thirsty so he had a plentiful supply of Grapefruit Juice. There was an unread warning on the information sheet with the medication that specifically advised against Grapefruit products to hand.

    It is easy and done with the best will to try to help but almost as easy to give information that may not be quite
    as helpful as intended. Please copy and paste the URL above and look for treatments.
    This I am sure will give you an alternative view.


  2. Thanks for your comment buddy, and for reading this blog. I do hope your partner is well – I do look on the website you hae given me and read varied amount of information on lots of health topics.

    If you had read a lot of my posts I ‘always’ advice people to see their GP for anything they may have read about. As you can see from the bottom of this blog I am not a medical professional just an interested patient suffering from chronic back pain and Fibromyalgia.

    I agree with you totally about herbs and the same applies to any medications. You should always seek medical permission first before trying something new. I’m also not allowed Grapefuit juice as I am on statins which is another thing a lot of people do not know about. Please enjoy my blog with news of new products and then see your GP before you use them, thanks for passing your information onto me. :):)


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