The basics of Hand Reflexology!
Most people know ‘reflexology’ as something that is done to your feet but hand reflexology is definitely another technique that is becoming just as popular.

Hand reflexology certainly provides some benefits compared to foot reflexology. The obvious example is that our hands are far more easy accessible compared to our feet, which makes hand reflexology the most usable self-help tool for both adults and children.

Hand and foot reflexology has actually been used as part of medical care since as far back as the ancient Egyptian and classic Chinese times. The basic assumption used by the reflexologist is that each organ, gland and part of the body is reflected in both the hands and the feet. Stimulation of the so-called ‘reflex points’ promotes relaxation, improves circulation and encourages the body to heal itself. This explains why hand reflexologists sometimes use the axiom: “Health is at your fingertips!”

Hand reflexology is also brilliant as a relief from the new stresses technology has placed on our hands.

For lower back pain press the point where the centre of your hand joins your wrist and stimulate it. Always take medical advice if you don’t know what the problem is. This is a perfect antidote to backache caused by sitting at a computer for too long.



  1. I really want to try this, I heard that there are so many benefits that you can get in hands reflexology, but it can really reduce pain? especially back pain? well if yes I really must to try this also aside from this I’ve also read that ergonomic chair can decrease the severity of pain here’s the link where can you read its uses and also you can email them for your inquiries http://www.ergonomicchair.org/ Thanks! I hope they can help.


  2. Experienced a lot of lower back pains due to my line of work and I find that massage therapy works wonders as lower back pain relief. I haven’t tried reflexology as of yet but it sounds good in theory.

    I would suggesst Shiatsu or Swedish massages since these two types of massage therapy tend to target muscles. Also, the relaxation that comes with it helps with stress as well.

    There are some information on lower back pain relief at http://www.lowerbackpainreliefhq.com if you’re interested. Hope it helps.

    Lower Back Pain Relief


  3. I gave my father a few Reflexology treatments while we were both on holidays in South Africa, visiting my sister. Of course he loved the idea of having his feet massaged especially by his daughter whom he had not seen for a couple of years.


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  5. Back pains are always a common problem. A teen or a old man, anyone can get into this kind of problem. To get rid of these back pains, it is very important to understand that there are very simple ways of curing these problems for example through reflexology. http://www.guruofreflexology.com/brief-reflexology/reflexology-of-the-hand-hand-reflexology/
    Reflexology on the hand is one way of giving pressure in order to cure the problem. A lot of information is given on the above link and on the above post which tells a lot about the back pain and reflexology.


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