Reflexology is a touch scie The earliest evidence of Reflexology comes from China, circa 2700 BCE.

The reflex is stimulated by direct pressure to the particular point. On the palm and wrist there are some 45 reflex points, and on the back of the hand 28 reflex points, that represent a particular organ, region, or function of the body. Combinations of reflex points are used in Reflex therapies.

Since hand reflexology is performed by applying pressure from fingers and thumbs on reflex points on the hands, the practice can provide an easy, cost-effective and safe way to treat ailments.

While reflexology hand mapping feels best (and may be more effective) when done by someone else, it is possible to work on oneself.

Try having a go on yourself by pinching the finger tips and thumb of your right hand. The pressure applied to each finger should be firm, but make sure it is not painful. A few seconds for each single finger tip will be sufficient. Now do the same with the other hand. Check with your GP first if you are on medication.



  1. Reflexology is fantastic for well- being. Massaging the finger tips helps unblock sinuses and massaging the web between thumb and forefinger is great for boosting the immune system 🙂

    Feet and ears also have points :yes:



  2. I tried it out. Usually I have been gently bending back each finger, most of my life. That is from when I played the piano so often. Now it’s a habit, and feels good.
    I tried the instructions here, and I noticed my left hand is no longer as strong as the right hand. It was harder to press the RH fingertips with the LH.
    I’ll blame the MG!! I blame it for everything – haha!
    I do hope all is well with you today, Barmac, and that your entire life is soothing down nicely now. Hugs: JW XXX


  3. Hi Barmac

    I heard alot about reflexology and I remember reading a book on this subject a few years ago, mapping your hand and where the points are located. I will have to give it a try myself:)x


  4. Barmac

    I have a very personel friend whom a reflecklogist but she’s not had my feet to play swith in quite a time! Indeed She managed what some might think is impossible to shut me up by putting me to sleep on at least one occasion!



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