If like me you need more than one prescription a month then its cheaper to buy a pre-payment certificate for £28.25 for three months or £104 for a full year which can be paid as a direct debit if you prefer.



      • i never knew thyroxine was free till i was served and the lady behind the counter walked away without taking my money. When i called her back she told me no one pays for thyroxine as its one of those drugs prescribed for life, so i got me an exemption form, sadly didnt get the money back id paid for years to get my meds.

        That was when i lived in England, since i moved to Wales all prescribed drugs are free to everyone. Sadly parking fees are expensive at hospitals, buses hardly run there, you cant get a decent meal if your admited to hospital and the staff ignore you when your in pain.

        Id rather pay for my meds than be treated the way the NHS treat their patients up here.


  1. We can get certain drugs over the counter at our chemists; we often send them to our families back in Britain, including postal charges, it works out cheaper than a prescription.

    Does this make us drug runners?


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