Capsaicin is what makes chilli peppers very hot, if you have ever eaten a chilli pepper and felt your mouth burn, you will know what capsaicin does. It is also used for the treatment of pain.

It is a strong alkaloid produced by the glands of a pepper, capsaicin is immune to even extreme temperatures and water, making it difficult to dilute or weaken.

When its applied to the skin they have found that it reduces pain in muscles and joints, giving off an analgesic type effect.

It has no flavor or odor and is the primary ingredient in pepper spray.

In a double-blind study of Capsaicin it was found that 160 people were treated with the cream for 3 weeks, while another 160 were given the placebo cream.

After three weeks, pain was said to be reduced by 42% in the capsaicin group compared to 31%
in the placebo group which showed that capsaicin is more effective than placebo.

It’s available from drug and health food stores as as well as online.


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