One of the latest trials to treat slipped, herniated or prolapsed discs is a single injection in to the back.

According to the Daily Mail, Good Health section, the injection uses a drug produced from bacteria which then digests the tissue that’s ruptured out of the disc. The tissue then shrinks so it no longer compresses the nerves.

Researchers say that the jab might even be as good as surgery, and Arthritis Research UK said that ‘if it works, an injection to dissolve a herniated disc in order to reduce pain is a good idea’.

The injection is put into the centre of the soft disc material under general anaesthetic which then dissolves the main compounds found in the inner disc. In a trial in Japan, patients had significant improvement in leg pain after three months.

The minute this is available in the UK I will definitely try and get access to it for my back, it sounds brilliant.



  1. Sounds interesting. i wonder what the long term effects are. Will it continu shrinking, wioll bacteria case infection? etc. I have recently looked after a girl with repeated back ops becasue of an infection. She has been in for two months. This bacteria wouold, I would hope, have prevented that.


  2. I do think it sounds good as well although its still in the early stages and not been in practice in the UK.

    I was in two months after my last back surgery as I developed an infection and also a haematoma that had to be operated on twice!!!

    I didn’t realise you were a nurse, must remember that if I need any help with anything. Take care 🙂 x


  3. This has been tried in the past and they cannot stop the bacteria from eating everything in sight.
    Many bulging and herniated discs in the low back and neck can now be treated with non-surgical spinal decompression. Non-surgical spinal decompression came out about 2000. The machine gently distracts the spine creating a negative pressure within the disc. This allows the bulging nucleus to be drawn back into the disc which the body is unable to do with the constant effect of gravity. This is not the same as traction which the body fights and cannot create the needed negative pressure within the disc.
    Spinal decompression is an FDA cleared treatment and has had several studies including a 3 year long study by the Mayo Institute confirming the efficacy of this treatment. As mentioned it is non-surgical and there are no side effects. The typical treatment series lasts about 2 months and actually treats and cures the disc as opposed to just attacking the symptoms.


  4. did you ever go through this procedure ?? if yes then please please let me know, its very very painful for me , and its been 1 year now in bed, some of the medical private center has offered this same procedure here but i don’t know what to do because i have some fear about it .


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