Most people think of meditation as something that you sit and do quietly, but studies have found that music, walking and even laptop tools can help you to meditate. There are over 100 benefits to meditation from lowering your heart rate to building your self-confidence.

You can listen to it on your way to work, at home or wherever your going. Your normal heart at rest should be around 75 beats a minute and music pulsing at around 60 beats per minute can help to bring on an alpha state, which is the same relaxed state that is created by normal meditation.

To get the most benefit you should do it regularly but start slowly and there are a number of inspirational tools that you can buy to help you to meditate. A CD ‘Dr Andrew Weil Presents Vibrational Sound Healing’ is soothing music that’s not just whale noises!

You could also listen to ‘Alla’s Instant Retreat’ a 3D audio CD of meditations to help you relax,

You could also meditate on your laptop by hooking yourself up via fingertip sensors, and guided breathing and visual meditations from

Iphone fans can also download a phone app which gives you timed breathing techniques and ocean sounds which has been rated as ‘seriously good and so portable’ at around £2 from

If you like to walk and meditate then ‘Chi Walking’ by Danny Dreyer is highly rated or ‘Walking Your Blues Away’ by Thom Hartmann.



  1. Technology eh, imagine all those little monks in their cave palaces in places remote and far away with their little netbooks all clicking away as they meditate hehehe!

    I love meditating, it can be done anywhere thats comfortable enough for you to let your mind go free running. Walking through woodland or near water is an excellent way to meditate, if you have time just sit under a tree leaning against it, close your eyes and drift away.


  2. I’ve never used any audio or visual aids while trying to meditate, but I have used this website that offers Free Guided Meditations. It helps me get over the initial distractions. But it is funny to imagine all the old geezers in Tibet in India walking around with those white iPod earbuds walking around.


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