A drug used to treat phobias is being prescribed for back pain.

The pill has been shown to reduce anxiety which can reduce back pain. It is being used in a clinical trial of 40 patients.

Recent studies showed that some patients emotions and thoughts on back pain can actually contribute to making the pain they are experiencing worse.

‘The greater the angst, the greater the pain, and the larger it becomes’.

The drug has been used to treat phobias and anxiety as well as obsessive compulsive disorders.

I can understand what they mean when they say that anxiety can contribute to pain, but I’m not sure taking a pill for phobia could magic your back pain away. It sounds to easy for me, but I will certainly be keeping my eye on the trials they are doing.



  1. Not ALL in the mind but anxiety/depression and fear of the future will make any pain worse.Also if you can’t get out much that makes it worse.I cured my sciatica after 1 year by raising the washing up bowl in the kitchen!!Amazingly it was the stooping that did it.Also pain itself makes you get depressed which then makes the pain worse.Distractio like writing poetry takes the mind off it,~i find.


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