Fatigue is the big one for Fibro patients. It’s with you most of the day an can lead to total exhaustion at bed time, but then the chances are a real restful sleep will not be possible as poor sleep is another typical Fibro symptom.

In fact around 10% of Fibro sufferers have some type of sleep problem. It could be simply that you cannot fall asleep, or that you wake up several times during the night and cannot go back to sleep. Some Fibro sufferers think they are getting a restful sleep, but in actual fact they are not.

Their sleep is disturbed, and not a deep restorative type of sleep we all need.

Some experts say that sleep problems may be part of the cause of some of the muscle pain. The reason being that the muscles don’t get their usual regenerative rest period and to react the next day with pain.

I find the poor sleep and fatigue in Fibro as being relentless and if I don’t manage an afternoon rest my pain is exacerbated. If I manage a good sleep and a rest then my pain is more manageable.



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