As I posted before I had a cortisone injection in my foot for what we presume is a bunion. When I saw the consultant he said he felt I had arthritis in the foot but the bunion was not very big. When I mentioned that I thought it was coming from my back, he said it was a possibility. He then decided to give me a cortisone injection and is reviewing me in a few weeks time.

Well it was just my luck (nothing new) but it only seemed to last a couple of days. Possibly with going away I was doing a lot more walking but then on the other hand I was hoping that it would last for at least my holiday. I had bought new flat shoes for comfort and on the odd evening wore a small heeled evening shoe but in general I wore flats most of the time.

Apparently many people suffer from osteoarthritis of the toe which is different to a bunion although both are arthritis related.

A recent operation for an arthritic toe was done with an implant which is put in to replace the cartilage and keep your joint flexible. Normally they ‘fuse’ the joint with a metal strip to stop the bones moving, but then you would not have been able to bend the toe at all. The surgeon doing this type of surgery is Chris Blundell, orthopaedic surgeon at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield.

Another type of operation for bunion pain is done by using the screws used in traditional open surgery but with keyhole techniques.They can do this as they now have fine tools that have been developed for facial surgery. Patients heal faster and there is less risk of infection, and less stiffness, swelling and pain and the operation takes only 30 minutes.

Before this surgery a wire was threaded from the top of the big toe down to the metatarsal but this means the patient has a wire sticking out several centimetres for four weeks.The surgeon doing this type of surgery is David Redfern, foot and ankle surgeon at Brighton and Sussex University Hospital.

I guess I will have to have some xrays next to see if it is one of the above or coming from my back but I have a feeling it is arthritis as ALL my back pain is left sided and this is my right foot. It could also be my gait due to the way I walk with my back problem. We shall just have to wait and see.



  1. My problems have been doing a lot of walking on concrete footpaths with the wrong shoes. Now I have sports shoes I dont have problems. I had ‘policeman’s heel’, the doctor said.


  2. Never heard of that one huttriver but sounds painful. Yes, it can cause problems if you wear the wrong shoes. I have to put insoles into my shoes to give my back a bit on a cushion when I walk as I can really only wear flat shoes.


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