I’ve been suffering from fatigue big time, since we got home from our holiday in Dubai. But, as other friends who went with us were also suffering from it, I thought it was just jet-lag.

Now, a week on it’s much worse whereas everyone else is back to normal.

When I returned from our holiday I also decided to cut down on some of my medications as I felt I had rather over indulged in them while away. But, whereas I thought my pain would not be as bad now that I am home, it is actually worse.

So, now I’m in what you might call a ‘stale mate’ situation.

Do I go back down the route of increasing my medication to the max or not? Is it the over indulgence of them that has left me feeling so tired? Could all my symptoms be because my liver has been overwhelmed with what it has had to deal with over the last few weeks and possibly a few weeks before ?

I’m normally such a positive person and just take each day as it comes but I have been finding myself thinking, ‘what if I’m going to have another bad day tomorrow, as bad as today’ instead of my usual, ‘it will pass’.

I’ve written on numerous occasions on pacing yourself and positive thoughts so I should not be the one suffering from this really, but at the moment I just can’t seem to snap myself out of it.

I think part of it has been that I have been covering my pain and fatigue with little lies and excuses as to why I am not having such a good day, but I think this has been building up for quite some time. I should have driven home from my Auntie’s 90th birthday lunch yesterday but I knew I would not be able to keep my eyes open. So how come after sleeping for an hour in the car on the way home, then another hour and a half when I got home and most of this afternoon do I feel like I feel?

I guess perseverance and some good mantras of positiveness might help. Apologies for burdening you all with my lowness, but sometimes it helps to write things down.



  1. I think you need some time out … nd a good session with your doc. The way you feel must be totally debilitating and dispiriting. You are right about setting it all down and at some point you may be asked to keep a journal …could be useful.
    lorra love
    ails xx


    • thanks ails, it really isn’t like me this, I’m totally and utterly shattered so maybe my pain threashold is nil at the moment. I think I will keep a journal like you said, thanks again x


    • Thanks Tom, I think I might ring her as normally rest is the answer but this time I am definitely fighting a losing battle. It feels like the whole of my spine is inflamed and I just can’t seem to get comfortable so even though I keep resting, the pain keeps waking me up. Not like me this but I will get in touch with GP next week. Thanks again.


  2. Don’t beat yourself up, lovely Barbara – it’s not your fault and Madam Body is just protesting, so it’s a good idea to listen to her because she is trying to tell you something. I agree with Ails and maybe a session with your doc – or even just a phone chat with him/her – and scribble out everything in your diary for the next 3 weeks at least to have a ginormous rest! I like the journal idea too … and I’m sending you hugs and prayers.


    • You say such lovely things, thanks gillyk. I think its the proper rest that I am not getting as the pain is so bad it keeps waking me up, so no matter how many times I go and lie down I still feel shattered. I will do as you and the others say though and keep a diary and speak with my GP next week, thanks again.


      • You have had loads going on in the past few weeks – I know some of it was holiday but the travelling etc does take it out of you, and you’ve also been out and about and you have the concerns about your Dad – enough to shatter anyone, never mind somebody with back probs!


      • Yes, gilly my twin thinks it’s happening now that I am home and not living on my adrenalin and that maybe this weekend has just been too much for me. i’ve slept for most of today or been taking my medications and writing my blog. I thought I would work at some other posts to take my mind of it but I’m in quite a lot of pain just sitting so really need to try hard to get my endorphines to kick in !! I’m seeing the GP next week as I am going to Dads on Thursday ready to take him to the Cardiologist on Friday and could not get an appointment before then but I’m taking things easy. Thanks again xxx


    • Thanks tylluanpenry, I will certainly try. I’m already clock watching as I just cannot wait to get back to bed even though I spend a few hours inbed this afternoon. Thanks again x


  3. No need for an apology. I am sure that all your friends want to know… and maybe you’ll hear some important feedback. I think it would be well worth your while to discuss this situation with your doctor. I too, had a situation somewhat like yours, and despite my reluctance to go to doctors, went. I got some very good advice that helped me to get out of a vicious circle. Wishing for a speedy recovery for you!


  4. Thanks Shimon,I do have a lovely doctor who is always very kind to me as she knows my problems so I think it might be the best route to go on as I am definitely just going round in circles at the moment. Thanks again Shimon xx


  5. What Shimon says makes a lot of sense, and he’s right there’s no need to apologise. YOu have had a lot going on in your life lately, and sometimes, things take more of a toll than we think:)xx


  6. What Shimon says makes a lot of sense, and he’s right there’s no need to apologise. YOu have had a lot going on in your life lately, and sometimes, things take more of a toll than we think:)xx


    • I think it does have a lot to do with all I have done since January, its just strange for me to not pick up when I rest. I’ve slept for most of today apart from taking medications in between when the pain woke me. I’ve now decided to sit with a heat pad and write some blogs to take my mind off my pain as I cannot see my GP until next week as I have to go to Dads on Thursday to take him to see a Cardiologist on Friday. Thaks Janet xxx


  7. Sorry to hear about your renewed back pain. But what you have been posting in the past few weeks about your father’s problems and getting your step-mum moved and settled, all that stress is finally catching up to you. As people here have said, talking to your doctor and getting more rest (as stress really is hard on our bodies) should help. Most important is being able to relax, knowing things are being taken care of. One person can only do so much.
    Love, Marianv


    • My twin said the same thing to me Marian. I guess now I’m slowing down the adrenalin is not kicking in but I just feel so tired and have slept for most of the day, waking up in pain to take some more medication and feel no better.

      I’ve now decided to put all my effort into writing blog posts to take my mind off the pain. Its worked before so lets hope it works again. Meanwhile I see my GP next week. Thanks Marian. xx


  8. As you know I suffer with the pain and fagiue do talk to you doctor and rest as much as you feel you need to. Last week I think I spent half the day each day in bed I was just so so tired. Our bodies do tell us when we need to take it easy. Hugs my friend


    • I think when you feel like this you just have to rest, I cannot keep my eyes open, I’ve slept most of today but don’t feel much better and am seeing my GP next week who will no doubt do a blood test for liver count etc. I guess the last few months are finally catching up with me. Thanks M, you take care as well, hugs xx


  9. Never underestimate what I call the rebound effect!

    For me I find I get through stressful periods and then as soon as the pressure is off a little I pay for it with both physical symtoms and others like depression.

    I suspect that is what you are going through at the moment.

    Tiredness is often a sign to slow down and try to take things easier for a bit.

    Hope you recover soon whatever you do.


    • I think you are right foxhat, that’s what my sister has said. I thought it was just jetlag but I cannot get enough sleep and have slept most of today other than taking my medication. I see the GP next week as I have to go back to Dads on Thursday as I have to take him to see a cardiologist on Friday.

      Thanks foxhat, I’ve decided to try and concentrate on writing some blogs to take my mind off the pain. You take care as well :)x


  10. The pain sometimes feels as if it can drive you crazy.
    Nobody ever really feels the pain you feel. It is so hard to describe. I can even feel sort of electric shocks if I extend an arm to do something. It’s awful isn’t it?
    I have stopped telling people now, for they just give me a blank look. It has become my ‘secret.’
    Do you ever think about that old childish feeling you had years ago when you would say to yourself, “One morning I shall be dead, and then they will all know how much I was suffering!!” I feel like that now, don’t you?
    I can’t see a doctor up here, don’t have one yet. David is so busy driving nails in the walls, and unloading crates and putting together his model airplanes, that I would not dare to ask him to ‘chauffeur’ me to a doctor.
    And he has allowed his sister, (who only has one leg!) and her husband to stay overnight with us in four day’s time!! They will probably be given our Temperpedic bed for the night! Oh well, I knew this would happen when we moved up here. We have been deluged by his family from day one. Exhausting and irritating.
    So, it goes on, day after day after day, since October now. Nonstop.
    I always look forward to going to bed now, to have a long sleep, for that is the only time I forget all about it, unless I try to turn over in bed!
    I really feel your pain, Barmac. Mine is Inflammatory Muscle Disease, and yours is Fibromyalgia, but they just seem to be the same thing with a different name!
    A glimpse of elder’s arthritis I guess! A rehearsal for old age?
    Take it away whoever you are – take it away!
    I hope you see your doctor ASAP dear friend. Please let me know what they say. JW xx


  11. Don’t forget, you’ve had a lot of stress lately dealing with Mum going in the home and Dad not being well. The holiday travelling etc is also very tiring. I reckon a lot of your symptoms have flared up because you are over tired. Get your positive head back on, but give yourself a good rest too.


    • I certainly have marika and as you can see from my last blog post I have a lot more stress happening at the moment!! I’ll be better next week if I can get a few more good sleeps. Thanks anyway :)x


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