Headaches are another symptom of Fibromyalgia but frequent ones, far more than normal.

Fortunately this is one symptom that I do not suffer from at all but a survey showed that about 40% of Fibro sufferers have headaches at least once a day.

Joint pain is what you might call ‘par for the core’ in Fibro sufferers which can be found in so many places from your hands, elbows, neck, wrists, feet, ankles, knees, hips and the chest wall !!!!

Tingling and numbness is what they call a neurological symptom of Fibro. The areas that are affected are usually arms and legs for around a quarter of Fibro sufferers.

IBS affects around a third of Fibro sufferers which can make life really miserable.

Chest wall pain is another complaint which is a pain which should be thoroughly checked with your GP as this could also be a heart problem. Again a third of Fibro sufferers report this type of pain. Most who are tested show no heart problems. The pain can also only be present when the chest is pressed.



  1. Thank God I dont have the headaches. Get everything has to be something that I dont get. Isnt interesting how they are seeing related issues that before they wouldnt even look at as being part of fibro xx


    • I don’t get the headaches either but everything else. Yes, its a relief that they put everything under one hat as otherwise you think you have a number of things wrong with you. Hope your not suffering too much with your Fibro at the moment? x


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