You have no reason to feel alone with chronic pain nowadays as there are numerous pain clinics available at NHS Hospitals, and private clinics. Support groups are also available in some areas and of course online help. The esimated number of UK people suffering from chronic pain is around 10 million.

One such online help is from the Pain Relief Foundation
This is a charity whose main aim is to fund research and education into the relief of chronic pain in humans.

It has links to pain information from angina pain, back and cancer pain to shingles. In fact the pain information covers some 15 different types of chronic pain.

It also has information of different types of drugs for pain and some self-help books and audio tapes.

The foundation is based in Liverpool, UK and was first established as a registered charity in 1979.



  1. Ive been suffering with upper left abdominal pain for three years, today I have just received the results of my latest ct scan which is, nothing wrong with me, I also had an xray,and physio nothing has helped, a pain clinic has been mentioned but I wasn’t sure it would help, however reading this I may give it a go as I’m running out of other options, this pain is very debilitating and stops me living a normal life.


    • Sorry to hear about your chronic pain. I can highly recommend the pain clinics and you never know there might be one treatment that could really help with your pain. Let me know how you get on. Take care and thanks for your comment 🙂


  2. Back pain is becoming something of normality in today’s society as our lifestyle dictates, and in some cases with dire consequences leaving an individual completely helpless. Work pressure and the onset of increasing age have a part to play in this problem area.

    Sciatica plays a major role in this problem and often ignored through lack of understanding and willingness to accept there is an underlying problem.

    The term sciatica is a general term that is used for lower back pain. This can be felt in not only in the lower back but in the buttocks and or various parts of the leg and foot Seeking the correct treatment for sciatic pain is important as sciatica is a symptom of a cause which is irritating the sciatic nerve.

    Because sciatica symptoms will very often be somewhat different the exact treatment will depend on the underlying cause.

    As a past sufferer I can recommend a helpful information site which has put together some useful info on this painful condition.


    • Thanks torrebob for your valued and extensive comment all about sciatica which I am definitely suffering from at the moment.

      As I had this years ago and ended up having surgery for it (twice) I am surprised it has come back so bad and just presume its yet another disc above the fusions that is causing it but I can appreciate anyone who goes through this sort of pain.

      Thanks again for you input 🙂


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