I’m sure many of you back pain sufferers are similar to me when staying away from home. The mattress that you sleep on can either make or break your holiday. For me personally, to hard and then I am as stiff as a board, to soft and my back wakes me up with every move I make. My topper is an eggshell type topper which takes pressure of your painful areas but is very comfortable to sleep on as well. The only trouble with mine is that it is to big to be portable so I have always been on the look out for a small portable one that would do the trick.

Fortunately I came across this website http://www.raskelf.com who specialise in mattress toppers for travel and caravans. The mattress roll up easily to store and the company won the MMM Product of the Year in 2009 for their revolutionary memory foam sleeping bag!!

The Raskelf Portable mattress toppers are available in a 1” or 2” thickness and come in Single, Double and Bespoke sizes. The 1” overlays are made from 65kg/m visco elastic memory foam specially formulated to work when cut thinly. The 2” overlays are made in three quality ranges, Bronze Economy, Silver Comfort and Gold Luxury.

They are all supplied with a luxurious inner stretch fabric cover and elasticated straps that keep the mattress nearly rolled for storage. A must for any back pain sufferer.



  1. What a wonderful idea, Barmac! We have a King Tempurpedic bed, but when I had pericarditis for eight months in 2006/7 David brought home the same sort of mattress cover for my pain. It works marvels!
    Thank you for this pointer. JW XX


  2. Thanks Charlotte, I think they look brilliant and am going to get one for my next trip to my daughters. Hope your looking after yourself, take care 🙂 x


  3. To avoid back pain. We should choose a right, safe and suitable bed. We should wise in buying a bed mattress. It is not necessary a high quality material, if you feel comfortable of that bed. Buy it. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and I gathered an additional information about it. Keep it up.

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    • What a nice post. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. However, we have various types of home mattresses used in our house. It must be kept free from dust as it may create allergy and other skin diseases. It should be kept free from the germs. But how can one identify his or her bed is clean? Don’t be worried. There is a service providing agency regarding this. Please visit the link below to get them-


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