With so many different diet exclusions for IBS sufferers, it can make it quite hard for them to find what suits and what doesn’t.

Most IBS sufferers never know whether to buy white bread, wholegrain bread, rye or soda bread. They are now saying that you should ditch the fibre if you have IBS as it stays in the gut. So the best bread to eat would be white bread and white pasta, biscuits and cream crackers. In fact anything made from refined white flour.

Probiotics is still on their list of things you can take for IBS but instead of tablet form Morrisons have an ‘Active Yoghurt Drink’ which is an excellent probiotic drink.

The IBS Network formerly The Gut Trust also say that Amatriptyline which is a type of anti depressant that can help to desensitize the gut.

Never end a meal with fruit as the sugar tends to ferment when eaten with other foods. They also say forget your five a day as it can upset your stomach and don’t glug on water.

Another thought that is spreading around at the moment is that your IBS could be a histamine intolerance. Genny Masterman had terrible IBS problems for years and years and only found out that she had an intolerance to histamine when she nearly collapsed in pain in another country. She has written a book on it ‘What Hit Me? Living with Histamine Intolerance’. She also says that you can have a blood test to see if you are suffering from a histamine intolerance. The blood test is to check diamine oxidase levels and The Doctor’s Laboratory does them for £42 or The York Test, http://www.yorktest.com

Finally, keep a check on some excellent websites, ibs-care.org, theguttrust.org, and the corecharity.org.uk for new ideas on how to beat IBS symptoms.



  1. Neither the The Doctor’s Laboratory or York Test run the diamine Oxidase test. I rang them both today and they confirmed that. Now trying to find a place that does.


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