I went to see the foot specialist today, six weeks after he gave me a steroid injection for bunion pain. The injection gave me no relief and after really studying my foot today he wants me to go for an xray (which should have been done before) as he thinks it is more arthritis related and that he could shave the bone if that is the case.

He was extremely kind with me and spent time finding out about my spinal problems and even pointed out that bunion surgery would not be an option for me as you have to use crutches for a few weeks and he said my back would not be able to manage that.

He was a little anxious about the amount of numbness I now have under my left foot and said that its quite important that we sort my right foot out as that’s the only good one, but if it is arthritis then that is also not good news.

He wanted to send me for an xray tomorrow and me see him again next week but as I am going to Dad’s I will have to leave it a couple of weeks, but he was really nice and apologetic about the fact that I should have had an xray done before I saw him.



  1. Oh gosh, Barmac.. that sounds just awful. However, my step-daughter has just recovered from surgery on her left foot where the toes were bending backwards and causing pain.(RA) He had to break all the toes and re-set them. She is walking now without the crutches, and doing certain movements she had not been able to do for years. There is always hope, isn’t there Barmac?
    I do hope you can be helped, Barmac. XX


    • Bless you Charlotte, I’m hoping so, nice chappy with me, very understandable (if there is such a word). His number plate made me giggle ‘TOE’. 🙂 xx Got your message, hope alls well your end. Take care 🙂 x


  2. Am sorry you are having this horrible pain in the ghastly bunion 😦 Glad the man was nice to you and I really hope you can get some relief out of whatever treatment is decided upon….

    I promised to post up a pic of my ghastly bunion x-ray – so I’m just going to upload it to my photos……


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