They say that some back pain can be caused by our diet. New evidence has shown that food may well play a critical role in determining whether your back is a rebound from day to day life.

A team of researchers in Helsinki, Finland performed autopsies on people who had died of various cancers which were unrelated to back pain and found that they had blocked arteries that lead to the spine.

In fact the average person with a history of back pain were found to have two arteries to the lower back completely blocked, and at least one more that was narrowed but not yet blocked.

People who hadn’t reported suffering any form of back pain had fewer blockages.

They also found that people who suffered from chronic back pain had clogged lumber arteries much more often than people without back pain, and the greater the blockage the worse the degeneration in the disk.

They now think that if back pain is the result of clogged lumber arteries, then preventing these blockages should be a priority.

Diet has to come into this which would mean low fat, zero cholesterol, regular activity, no smoking and keeping stress at bay. (That’s me out of the loop then).

It has also been found that Japenese American women have less risk of back pain than their Caucasian counterparts due to their different food intake.

Scientists think that the traditional Japanese diet is much lower in fat and cholesterol than a typical American diet.


2 thoughts on “BACK PAIN AND YOUR DIET…

  1. If it’s true that diet can decrease fatigue then we must try it.It’s affordable and easy to find.I’ll share this to my friends who are prone to fatigue and physical exhaustion.thanks!


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