Tomasz Kopec who works as a GP at The Groves Medical Centre, New Malden, Surrey has created an exercise which helps to dissolve physical pain. It is a mind exercise which is based on Open Focus theory as formulated by American scientist Dr Les Fehmi. Dr Fehmi researches electrical brain activity using biofeedback machines of his own design (please see link ).

The exercise lasts about 10 minutes. It leaves the person in a calm, relaxed state. It does not involve hypnosis or subliminal messages. It has no negative side effects and no contra-indications.

Many of my patients have already participated in the exercise with steady, good results. Pain is usually reduced for 60-70% of these patients after the first time, and in about 10% of people the pain dissolves completely. Most of the patients achieve significant pain reduction after 4-5 days of regular exercising.

These good results can be explained by a unique approach towards pain. According to Open Focus theory, pain originates in the brain and can be dissolved by restoring synchrony between particular areas of the brain. You can see a short presentation explaining the mechanism behind the exercise, and the exercise itself, on my website



  1. Barmac

    I’m in pain right now! I went crack in my spine about two week to two and half weeks ago. My Fibro, tend to be somewhat constant but I’ve kinda learnt to cope with it that is why i can work…but every so often i have a ‘crack, snap, bang’ when it is really quite nasty and that is what I am endeavoring to get through now. For me a lot of the problem is poor sleep and thus this affects everything else.

    This blog is therefore interesting however I do wish people would think about those on ‘low Income’ with video feeds as some of us use dongles for our internet and although I’d like to look at these items I shy away from them because of my 3gig monthly limit!!!



    • Really sorry to hear you are suffering so much at the moment kerry. I sympathise and understand completely.

      I find sleep is the best healer for me – I slept solid for two hours this afternoon and would probably still be there if my husband had not woken me up.

      Glad my blog helps, always try to put a bit of information for everyone.

      Have a nice evening 🙂


      • Barmac

        I must admit at present I find I awake in morning when it gets light, sometimes due to being headbutted by a black flurry affectionate cat demanding his breakfast which if he does’nt get he kicks things off my nightstand! (My previous cat used to lick my eyelids till I got up)I feed him, maybe eat something before being forced to go back to get additional rest to potentionally face the rest of the day!

        I’m trying to workout with the recent ‘FlareUP’,working whether my ‘current’ shift work pattern allows me to work because where my days off fall throughout the week! I work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. This gives me Wednesday, Friday and Saturday as ‘recovery days’

        Last year I had a go working busy Saturdays which I managed for a number of maybe seven to nine months before being offer a chance to move to Sundays which I took as it allowed me two days of work togather as then I had off Wednesday, work Thursday, off Friday, work Saturday off Sunday before working Monday and Tuesday. If this shift pattern had not changed I had my GP’s support to force a change!

        I work 16hrs a week but find I can work 20hrs which I would like to be my regular hours and have this as a goal to work (to which is not going to happen) occasionaly even working 24hrs week! It’s my understand there is something like 20% of Fibromite that can work!



      • You are doing incredibly well to work 16 hrs a week with your Fibro Kerry. Give yourself a really good pat on your back. Hope your a little bette now. Weather change is driving me up the pole, you as well I am sure. Hope you enjoyed the Royal Wedding today? x


      • Barmac

        I used the day as i might to attempt some cleaning, washing cleaning the toliet etc.,, before sitting and gently hand sewing avoiding that event! I’m not a Royalist Barmac!

        When I first started the job I do now i was regularlly off sick for about the first six months, but slowly i have managed to push back the need for sickdays…not that it doesn’t mean I don’t go to work in pain though!!



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