Many people suffer from back pain due to a muscle strain. This is mainly triggered by doing everyday activities incorrectly. For instance, leaning over to pick up something heavy without bending at the knees.

However a simple coughing or sneezing fit can also pull a muscle or through exercise.

Pain that has developed through exercise is generally caused by over-using a muscle, such as doing too many reps, using weights that are too heavy for you or even by not warming up properly.

Another muscle strain could come about by wearing unsuitable shoes for running which can put a strain on your hip and back muscles.

Symptoms of pulled back muscles include back pain and muscle weakness and sometimes back muscle spasms. The back pain may be sudden, but usually comes on gradually.

The muscles stiffen or spasm to reduce motion to prevent further injury. Muscle injuries cause inflammation – a part of the healing process. Inflammation may trigger muscle spasms. Muscle spasms are more likely to be a problem for the first couple of days after an injury – when inflammation is at its worst. Though not serious, back muscle spasms can cause significant pain. Inflammation also causes pain.


19 thoughts on “BACK PAIN – MUSCLE STRAIN…

  1. You are right about that. Not bending properly. I strained my stomach years ago at work by simply not bending properly – not bending the knees to take the pressure off is a common fault.


  2. Oh dear hutt, I bet that was painful but it does make you realise that unless you bend by your knees its not only your back which can be injured, as in your case, it was your stomach.


  3. I got back pains form sleeping on my stomach so I had to get a body pillow to help keep me on my side and tucked it between my legs it had really helped on how my back feels.


  4. A really good help in healing back pain/muscle strains is to use infra-red heat as this increases circulation, reduces inflammation and thus provides pain relief and speeds healing.


  5. People who suffer from ongoing or recurrent bouts of back pain often have to try a number of different forms of exercise to find the most appropriate therapy to manage their pain. For many, yoga has proven to be a safe and effective way to assist in helping many forms of back pain.keep it up.


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