Firstly switch to shoes with a lower heel and if you can see a podiatrist to check if you need supportive insoles.

Try the Alexander Technique or Yoga as both these activities encourage better posture.

Buy a new mattress or mattress topper for your bed, especially if your mattress is more than eight years old. There are a number of different types of back pain support toppers available.

Try to lose any excess weight.

Check your workstation and seating arrangement. If you are sat at a desk all day a footstool may help or a supportive chair, or simply a rearrangement of your desk and monitor.



  1. You will discover a lot of uses for hidden wireless spy cameras including the detection of employee theft, catching abusing care givers, cheating partners, prying landlords and dishonest roommates.
    1) You’ll find black and white or color spy cameras.
    2) Reduced light sensitivity
    3) Image image excellent.
    4) Does the spy pen come complete with receiver?
    5) The radio frequency the camera Transmits on.
    6) The range of transmission
    7) Disguised or hidden camera
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