Sleeping is essential to everyone but even more so for people in pain as pain is extremely draining. Whether it’s from a sore lower back or throbbing tooth, pain is hard enough to deal with in the light of day.

When I’ve had a really bad night with pain it leaves me feeling exhausted.I simply cannot get comfortable to fall asleep due to the discomfort of pain and the knock on effect is more pain the following day.

Its a bit of a viscious circle as its the pain which results in difficulty in staying asleep and can wake you up night after night after night.

Certain types of pain, such as back pain, arthritis and orthopedic pain, can prevent you from getting comfortable at night.

In fact a study in the April 2009 issue of Sleep Journal showed that normal, healthy individuals are more sensitive to pain when they are low on rest. The reasons why aren’t known for sure. “Some research studies show that sleep deprivation causes increased production of inflammatory chemicals in the body”.

They suggest that people with pain and sleep problems should try and undergo a diagnostic sleep study. Also as some medications can cause the same type of problem, they say you should discuss your sleeping problems with your GP. When I spoke to my GP about it she prescribed me seven sleeping pills to take over one week to try and get my brain to get back into a more normal sleep pattern, but she would not let me have anymore than that.

Of course, there are many different types of techniques and even drugs to help you get to sleep which is not usually the problem with people in pain, but not many that can help you when you keep waking up with it.

For me personally I find that I need to have a daily afternoon sleep for a couple of hours otherwise my body cannot get through the day. I have tried every trick in the book but for me this is the only way I can manage my pain.

Of course, due to the amount of medication that I am taking, it does mean that by early afternoon I am feeling slightly drug induced anyway so I have no problem nodding off for a couple of hours.

My body is at this stage crying out for me to rest for a while. Not everyone would need it like me as many can benefit from other more holistic types of treatments to help them sleep. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it.


18 thoughts on “SLEEPING AND BACK PAIN…

  1. It’s a very personal thing, isn’t it, Barmac? It’s about each individual learning to manage their pain in the way that works best for them. I guess that by sleeping in the afternoon it helps to manage the pain better, – so does that mean you can sleep better at night?


    • Well I go off to sleep quickly but that is drug induced. I have to read but only seem to manage a couple of chapters but I wake up constantly with the pain. If I turn on my side it soon wakes me up but again I do soon go off again but I do feel as though I haven’t slept that well in the morning whereas my afternoon sleep is only disturbed a few times but then again I’m only asleep for a couple of hours.
      I’ve had problem sleeping with pain for around 5 years no so I just have to deal with it. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂


  2. Barmac

    I slept in away last night…but was in pain and just knacker’d as I continue to live day to day. I was in pain most of the yesterday and have been as anyone reading my blogg will know for a number of weeks!

    Like Barmac it affects my sleep.

    I want to believe that maybe the pain is coming close to what I term ‘BurnOut’ stage…in short it reaches a peak and then life reverts back to ‘Normal!

    I seem to find as it comes close to this peak the main area of ‘discomfort’ are end of limbs such as feet and hands!!

    Barmac I hope you’ll manage to sleep soon!



    • Sorry to hear you suffer so much as well KerryGirl. I’ve had to cope with this for a number of years now but certainly over the last six months the pain wakes me up far more often which is a bit of a downer.

      You take care and I will to 🙂


      • Barmac

        Well I was diognosed in 2000, after being injected with a mild radiative isoltope and scanned. It sounds I’m luckier than you in that I suffer ‘Bursts or Flare-up’ that then last on and off for short periods of time! This time of year as we move from Winter to Summer I always find particularly painful or killing, of this or that so many weeks.

        The intensity varies as well as effectivness of painkillers as I’m limited to low or high grade drugs for pain as I do not have the stumock lining to toliate the caustic nature of artritus drugs! I question somewhat the effectiness of Co-dyomol because i’ve been on it for so long but there is nothing or little that they can offer me!

        Trying to motivate myself to do even gentle things at this time can be difficault.I find I’m not good at ‘PACING’ rather I do thing in bursts or surges that I know they’ll be ‘payback’ for. I work as you know and have had this goal that I could slowly push myself over so many years to work twenty to thirty hours a week. I seem capeable of doing twenty hours on and off and even the odd twenty four hours a week. My hope which has not materilised is that now in my 7th year in the same job my hours could increase slowly but this is to fail to take into account managers that milk the goverment 16hr rule telling the employee to work limited hours and make a claim for tax credit!

        I have to admit as the date for me first to see my surgeon and then my opp arrives I wonder worry whether i’ll suffer greater pain and need longer to recover due to being a Fibromite!!!



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  4. I’ve also had hardly to sleep when I’ve suffer a back pain Chandlers Ford after practice because I’m an athlete. My doctor always advice me to take my medicine and I am looking for some alternatives like herbal medicine. Is their anyone knows what alternatives can treat to my back pain?


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